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Our BuzzFeed Video Has Left Us (And The World) Buzzing

September 3, 2015


It’s pretty easy to conclude that right now, the world has finally understood the importance of pin ups in today’s day and age...

Rewind just back to 4 days ago, and most people would have seen the pin up genre as something that was done back in the day, something that was a fun little fashion trend...until the video 'Girls Transform Into Pinups' was released.

Thanks to the team at BuzzFeed Oz working in collaboration with Sherbet Birdie, we've been able to show the world how important this style really is.

If you haven't yet seen the video which has been watched over 8 million times, scroll down below to see for yourself.

The video has highlighted the underlying shame and lack of confidence women may feel due to media forcing us all into one small box of what we should look like and how we should act.

The video highlights the importance of allowing women to express themselves through clothing and not being ashamed to look fierce and confidence in how the present themselves, no matter how they choose to express it.

The video highlights the joy of allowing yourself to shine, instead of hiding away and trying to not stand out with fear of judgement from others.

And the pin up style is a huge vehicle to make this happen, due to the versatility & glamour of this style.

"When I finally saw myself, I was blown away. The outfit was amazing – the kind of thing I would actually have picked out for myself. In fact, even though I was done up as a pinup, I felt more like myself than I normally do. I’ve put on weight in recent years, and my wardrobe is now full of clothes that cover up my body rather display my personal style. The dress I was wearing is what I would pick if I was completely comfortable with my body – and when I was wearing it, I DID feel comfortable! It made me realise that I can still dress to accentuate my body and feel good. I don’t need to fit into some perfect stereotype to just be myself." - Jenna

Now it's time for you to give yourself permission to shine and get the best photographs of yourself that you will ever have.

Our Sherbet Birdie Entree Photoshoots are just $197 (exc photographs) and here are the dates for these photoshoots:

Saturday Sep 12th
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Otherwise, our Bespoke Photoshoots are available most days of the week, with the studio being yours for the entire day and the flexibility to create any shoot you desire, without any restrictions.

Call up to book into your own dream shoot - 0405 429 262

Love always
- The Sherbet Birdie Crew

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0405 429 262

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