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All about your Sherbet Birdie pin-up photography shoot


It’s such an exciting moment when you decide that you want to have sensational photos of yourself. Firstly…well done for making that decision. No better way to show yourself some love and appreciation than by captivating your beauty, even if you don’t believe you can pull off the photoshoot yet.

We know you can…you’re in safe hands.

“I can’t thank you enough Sherbet Birdie. I burst into a giggling fit I was so overjoyed when I got my photographs. I have never felt so good about myself and it’s thanks to you, I’m constantly telling my friends about the beautiful work you do. Every picture is so amazing, I still can’t believe it’s me! The backgrounds are heavenly and I love how you’ve made my hair so perfect. You’ve done wonders for my self esteem :) Love and kisses.” - Philipa

Whether you’re a complete natural in front of the camera or a little camera shy, we’ll make sure you enjoy every minute of your Sherbet Birdie shoot. Here’s how it all works:

1. Make an enquiry: Give our friendly team a call on 0405 429 262 or book via our contact page.

2. Arrange a date: We’ll arrange a date and time to suit your schedule.

3. Pay your deposit: As soon as you pay your non-refundable deposit of $299, we’ll confirm your shoot.

4. Have a chat: One of our birdies will give you a call to chat through ideas for the shoot. We’ll discuss looks, poses, costumes, hair, make-up and more! The aim is to create an unforgettable experience and shots to die for, so we’ll chat for as long as it takes!

5. Shoot day: Turn up with your face freshly scrubbed and your hair delightfully washed and dried and get ready to enjoy:

    • A glass of sparkly to get you in the mood.
    • A delicious high tea of scrumptious sandwiches and delicate cup cakes to keep your energy levels high!
    • A professional hair and make-up session with our talented team.
    • Costume and prop selection and that all-important styling.
    • Gorgeous flattering lighting in our cosy, private studio.
    • A relaxed, fun and easy-going environment; we’re an all women team so we know how important it is to feel comfortable if you’re going to look your fabulous best!
    • Choose your snaps: Now it’s time to look through the gorgeous prints and decide which you want.
    • Retouching: Once the pin-up photo shoot has ended, our genius professional retouch artist will iron out any little bumps and blemishes, enhance your glowing skin, amplify colours and apply our famous Sherbet Birdie vintage pin-up backgrounds.
    • Delivery: Your vintage snaps will be couriered to you approximately two weeks after you’ve placed your photo order. Now you can start showing them to your nearest and dearest and ALL your Facebook friends!

Ready to book with Australia’s best pin-up photographer?

So if you’re after a vintage pin-up photo with Australia’s number one pin-up photographer Sasha Dobies, give Sherbet Birdie a call on 0405 429 262 or contact us today!

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Whether you’re voluptuous, leggy, hippy or lippy, Sherbet Birdie knows you’re the poster girl for modern beauty. Picture-perfect vintage pin-up photography in sunny Sydney. Call us on 0405 429 262 or contact us.
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What they say…

“Sasha the pictures are just amazing! You guys did such an amazing job (to say the least). You have some talent lady.”

- Marie-Claire

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