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Meet the lovely ladies behind Sherbet Birdie

Sasha Dobies – Chief Birdie & Photographer

Sasha started Sherbet Birdie Photography in 2008, after she saw the reactions of all her friends to pictures of women in magazines and how her friends negatively judged themselves according to those pictures.

Having worked in the magazine publishing industry for most of her career, Sasha knew how much professional styling, skilled camera work and pose direction these women received in order to produce such sensational photos, as well as how much pampering and glamour these women experienced during their shoot.

Due to this, Sasha wanted to start providing everyday women with the same experience, to allow all women to have such a great experience, just as the celebrities do.

Having previously created her own vintage photoshoot and being thrilled with the results of having these timeless photos of herself, Sasha decided to focus her business' attention on the pin up and vintage sector.

And so Sherbet Birdie was born.

Sasha's dream is for her Sherbet Birdie family to experience a fairytale every time they come in contact with her service.

Quality is of uttermost important for Sasha, hence why she is known as the premium pin up & vintage photographer in Australia.

Besides that...this Chief Birdie loves spending quality time with her partner of 15 years and her 1 year old daughter, and  eating...non stop (food is just the ultimate pleasure), laughing a lot and having a great time.

Oh...and yes...she's a workaholic ;)

We love you Sasha!





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0405 429 262

0405 429 262

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