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Where’s the studio?

Building 8
First Floor, Factory 3
70 Edith St
St Peters, NSW 2044

Our postal address however is:
Building 8
First Floor, Factory 3
75 Mary St
St Peters, NSW 2044

Mobile 0405 429 262


Parking for the the Sherbet Birdie pin-up photography studio can be found on Edith Street or in the parking lot directly beside building 8.

Call today

0405 429 262

About Sherbet Birdie

Whether you’re voluptuous, leggy, hippy or lippy, Sherbet Birdie knows you’re the poster girl for modern beauty. Picture-perfect vintage pin-up photography in sunny Sydney. Call us on 0405 429 262 or contact us.
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What they say…

“Sasha the pictures are just amazing! You guys did such an amazing job (to say the least). You have some talent lady.”

- Marie-Claire

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